FASB Interpretation No. 4

1. The FASB has been asked to explain the applicability of FASB Statement No. 2, “Accounting for Research and Development Costs,” to the cost of tangibleandintangibleassetstobeusedinresearchand development activities of an enterprise when those assets are acquired in a business combination accountedforbythepurchasemethod.

2. Broad guidelines about the activities to be classifiedasresearchanddevelopmentandtheelementsof coststobeidentifiedwiththoseactivitiesaresetforth inparagraphs8–11of StatementNo.2. Paragraph12 ofthatStatementprovidesthatresearchanddevelopment costs shall be charged to expense when incurred. However, some costs associated with researchanddevelopmentactivitiesshallbecapitalized if the item has alternative future uses in research and development or otherwise (see paragraphs 11(a) and 11(c)of Statement No. 2).Thecostofmaterialsconsumed, the depreciation of equipment and facilities used, and the amortization of intangibles used in research and development activities are research and developmentcosts.

3. Statement No. 2 amends APB Opinion No. 17, “IntangibleAssets,”toexcludefromthescopeofthat Opinion those research and development costs encompassed by the Statement but does not amend APB Opinion No. 16, “Business Combinations.” Paragraph 34 of the Statement indicates that paragraph11(c)isnotintendedtoaltertheconclusionsin paragraphs 87–88 of APB Opinion No. 16 regarding allocation of cost to assets acquired in a business combinationaccountedforbythepurchasemethod.

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