Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 2

This Statement establishes standards of financial accounting and reporting for research and
development costs with the objectives of reducing the number of alternative accounting and
reporting practices presently followed and providing useful financial information about research
and development costs. This Statement specifies:
Those activities that shall be identified as research and development for financial accounting
and reporting purposes.
The elements of costs that shall be identified with research and development activities.
The accounting for research and development costs.
The financial statement disclosures related to research and development costs.
Accounting for the costs of research and development activities conducted for others under
a contractual arrangement is a part of accounting for contracts in general and is beyond the scope
of this Statement. Indirect costs that are specifically reimbursable under the terms of a contract
are also excluded from this Statement.
This Statement does not apply to activities that are unique to enterprises in the extractive
industries, such as prospecting, acquisition of mineral rights, exploration, drilling, mining, and
related mineral development. It does apply, however, to research and development activities of
enterprises in the extractive industries that are comparable in nature to research and development
activities of other enterprises, such as development or improvement of processes and techniques
including those employed in exploration, drilling, and extraction.
APB Opinion No. 17, «Intangible Assets,» is hereby amended to exclude from its scope
those research and development costs encompassed by this Statement.
Paragraph 13 of APB Opinion No. 22, «Disclosure of Accounting Policies,» is amended to
delete «research and development costs (including basis for amortization)» as an example of
disclosure «commonly required» with respect to accounting policies.
Standards of financial accounting and reporting for research and development costs are setforth in paragraphs 7-16. The basis for the Board’s conclusions, as well as alternatives
considered by the Board and reasons for their rejection, are discussed in Appendix B to this
Statement. Background information is presented in Appendix A.


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